"It's just that nobody wants to buy their stuff."


Matthew Yglesias recently visited a local mall in Arlington, Virginia. There, he found a jam-packed Apple Store and an empty Microsoft Store. His conclusion:

Of course Microsoft operated for many years as a fantastic company without any retail stores at all, so it’s not as if the failure to build successful stores is the problem per se. The real issue is that there’s nothing wrong with the store. It’s a great place to shop. Much better than the Apple Store, really, because the Apple Store is crowded, and it’s a little hard to get an employee’s attention. At the Microsoft Store you get a very pleasant physical environment and a helpful staff. It’s just that nobody wants to buy their stuff.

It’s still a very profitable company thanks to its enormous strengths in the enterprise market. But enterprises are made of people. If nobody wants to buy Microsoft’s stuff, that will trickle up into the enterprise.

I’m sure the diehards are already attacking Yglesias and explaining the fallacy of his logic here. I’m sure those people think they’re right. The only problem: they’re not, Yglesias is. Time will prove it.

[via John Gruber]

No he isn’t. He completely discounts the fact that every electronics and computer store has tons of Microsoft products while Apple’s main retail outlet is their own stores.

Anyone can see that comparing Microsoft’s commoditized products and Apple’s tight control is a waste of time.

Microsoft doesn’t need to sell its products at its stores. If Apple stopped selling theirs at their own stores, they’d be out of business.

And before you attempt it, I’m the biggest Apple sucker you’ll ever meet so don’t mistake my criticism of this faulty logic as an attack on Apple from a Microsoft apologist.

9 December 2013 ·

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    Yep. As the Windows desktop stagnates, so does Microsoft’s hold on the enterprise.
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    An Yglesias shopping tale worth reading.
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  8. youmeandmyapi said: I continue to believe that Microsoft needs to stop trying to be buttoned up and just make their retail locations raw hacker Turning retail into grimy hacker spaces making weird new objects out of the Microsoft stack would market radicalism. A good change.
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    No he isn’t. He completely discounts the fact that every electronics and computer store has tons of Microsoft products...
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